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Magazine N°35 Château de Versailles


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The resurrection of Versailles

After the departure of the royal family in October 1789, many years passed before the Palace regained its former lustre. The work undertaken by Napoleon, some modifications made during the Restoration, and above all the extensive renovation under Louis-Philippe restored the Estate to its former glory. But it wasn't until the Second Empire and the Belle Époque that the spirit and style of Versailles truly became popular, thanks to the combined efforts of curators and architects, as well as writers and artists who became interested in its history and helped spark an unexpected ressurection.

David Chanteranne, Editor-in-Chief of Château de Versailles: from the Ancien Régime to Today

Contents of Château de Versailles No 35 :

Dossier: Versailles, from the Second Empire to the Années Folles
- Pierre de Nolhac or the resurrection of Versailles
- The grandeur of Versailles in the service of the Republic
- "Queen" Greffulhe, a Proustian muse at Versailles
- Imitate, replace, refurbish: the gardens' statues
- An exhibit of the French Revolution at Versailles in 1939
- "A prolific and little known period", interview with Laurent Salomé
Heritage: Silver furniture
Ancien Régime: Botany at Versailles from Louis XIV to Louis XV
Versailles and me by Évelyne Lever, "The heart of France beats in Versailles"
Objets: Madame Du Barry's commode
War: Versailles, garrison town
Portfolio: The 100th anniversary of the signature of the Treaty of Versailles
20th century: The storm of December 1999

Co-published by the Palace of Versailles and Editions Soteca

Number of pages: 82 
Date: 27 September 2019
Dimensions: 23 x 29.7 cm
Languages: French