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“The Chapel” Medal – Arthus-Bertrand

“The Chapel” Medal – Arthus-Bertrand

This medal represents a view of the Royal Chapel as it appears today. Completed in 1710, Louis XIV only knew this chapel during the final years of his life.

Louis XIV’s last major architectural project, the Great Chapel work project, begun in 1689 by Hardouin-Mansart, was delayed due to wars. The architect did not see the end of the work, as he died in 1708. At that date, is brother-in-law, Robert de Cotte, succeeded him, but the general lines of the architecture and the decoration had been laid down – plans with a nave, aisles and an ambulatory, an elevated area with tribunes, white and gold harmony contrasting with the polychromes of the marble pavement and the paintings in the vault; the whole producing an original work combining reminders of gothic architecture and baroque aesthetics.

Material: Gilded bronze or silvered bronze
Diameter: 70 mm

40,00 €

40,00 € HT