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“Peace Vase, 1685-1686” Medal – Arthus-Bertrand

“Peace Vase, 1685-1686” Medal – Arthus-Bertrand

This medal represents the Peace Vase sculpted by Jean-Baptiste Tuby in 1685-1686. Located on the Water Parterre, directly above the Peace Salon, it is an allegory of the Treaties of Aix-la-Chapelle (1668) and Nijmegen (1678-79). The bas-relief frieze represents Louis XIV crowned with olive leaves, sitting on a throne with Hercules in front of him leaning on his club and Victory hanging trophies on a palm tree. The handles are made of satyr heads.

Material: Gilded bronze or silvered bronze
Diameter: 50 mm

30,00 €

30,00 € HT