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“Queen’s House 1785” Token – Arthus-Bertrand

“Queen’s House 1785” Token – Arthus-Bertrand

This token is a replica of a token designed for the personnel at the Queen’s House and gave access to the gardens of Versailles during festivities. The obverse side represents a vase of flowers and the reverse side bears the inscription “Jardins de Versailles, Entrée pour Quatre, Maison de la Reine 1785”.

Unlike a medal, which is defined as a collector’s item designed to “preserve the portrait of illustrious people or the memory of […] an event” (Trévoux Dictionary, 177), a token originally had a use and could have several functions – serve as a monetary value on a gambling table, be given as a present or used as proof of belonging to a service.

Material: Gilded bronze or silvered bronze
Diameter: 35 mm

25,00 €

25,00 € HT