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Wooden jigsaw puzzle 250 pieces - Marie-Antoinette with roses


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It is a long bust portrait that shows the queen in a very flattering and intimate light. She looks very dignified in a simple yet luxurious silk dress the colour of "London chimney soot", adorned with precious lace. Feathers decorating her hair, Marie-Antoinette is holding a bouquet of roses.

Madame Vigée Le Brun was called upon to paint this portrait very quickly to replace a painting showing Marie-Antoinette in a muslin dress; that image was judged to be indecorous when it was exhibited at the Salon in 1783.

The puzzle features no two pieces the same, no corner shapes and straight edges in the middle pieces for an irresistible challenge that will tantalize you.

Many of the pieces are shaped to reflect the theme of the image. These unique "whimsy" pieces are guaranteed to entertain and delight you.

This wooden puzzle is a traditional British classic with a moden twist, inspired by yesterday, but created for today.