The Honey of Trianon

  • Miel de Trianon 2021

Practical information

Price : 19 €

Composition: summer flowers, bramble, lime, chestnut

Only on the online shop and in limited production

In 2019, as part of its Estate management plan and ecological approach, the Palace of Versailles installed nine beehives on the Estate of Trianon, in the Queen’s Vegetable Garden. The lightly  sweet, liquid and soft honey is now available to try!

The idea behind the honey is to promote the great diversity of plants on the Estate of Versailles and to act as a knowledge base for the environmental situation in the surrounding area: floral diversity, plant resources, etc.

The hives are maintained and harvested by La Ferme de Gally, in an eco-responsible way. Two of them are monitored by the Belgian organisation BeeOdiversity, which seeks to protect pollinators. The quality of the nectar and pollen collected is analysed in terms of nectar-bearing plants, range of flavours, nutritional quality, bee health, etc.

“These hives will help us analyse the diversity of pollens and flowering dynamics on the Estate, as well as the food sufficiency of the bees, which are the main pollinators,”
explains Christopher Peignart, beehives advisor at the Palace of Versailles.

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